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{January 17, 2013}   why

why wasn’t i good enough for you?  what did i do that made you not want to be around? to cast me aside and leave me there to wonder?  to know that i’m not enough for you. leaving me feeling flawed, broken, and worthless.

do you know what that did to me? what it still does?  the hole that it creates. a hole that nothing can fill. constantly wondering what i could do to gain your approval. to be good enough for you. to be enough.

it’s not a temporary pain. at least for me, it still remains. what could i have done to make you love me? why wasn’t i enough?


Clarance says:

What happened?? I know how bad it hurts when you cannot hold on to those who you want in your life. It’s the worst pain ever!!! It’s then when I find myself just clinging to God. He gives me strength and He gives me worth! I would have neither of those without Him. Also, I try to surround myself with people who know and love God. They see the value that God has paid for each and every person… even broken ones like me. They love me, because, they love the One, Who loves me. I’ve personally found this to be true. As I love God and pray for those, who He loves, I find myself loving them, too. It’s a wonderful gift that He gives to me… the wonderful feeling of loving others!!!

I♥God! God♥U! Therefore, I♥U!

I know that God loves you and each day I watch out for you through prayer! So, there is at least one on this planet, me, who loves you and sees your infinite worth! And, I know that there are many more, who would do the same!
Cling to God… He will cling to you!!! =)

Thank you for the sweet comment. I appreciate it. How do I do that though? How do I cling to God? Where do I start? What does that look like?

Clarance says:

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! I hope you’re getting smothered in flowers and chocolates!! Well… not literally, of course! 😉 Smothered in God’s love… absolutely!!!

Clinging to God… How does one do that and what does it look like? For me, there are many times when I feel like I am just hanging on for dear life! Not knowing what to do, I plead with God to lead the way and strengthen me to follow Him. If He doesn’t help me right away, I keep pleading with Him… I cling to Him by persistently pleading my need through prayer.
Starting is easy. When I see a need in my life or a need that someone else may have, I ask God to help. And, I keep asking Him over and over again! I take the promise that Jesus made in Luke 18:1-8 very seriously. So, I try to seriously annoy God with my petitions! (And, one of my petitions is help for you!!!)
I guess the hard part is being persistent. We live in such a fast paced world that if we don’t get quick results we quickly move on to another plan. But, knowing that God is my strength and often my only option, there really is no other place for me to go. So, I try to stay persistent. I know that He loves me and is trying to teach me the best ways to do things, therefore, I try to trust Him and cling to Him in every situation. Sometimes I do well, other times, not so well, but I keep trying.
Something that greatly helps me cling to God is encouragement from others. When I’m about to let go, if a friend will rap their hands around mine, it helps me to hold on. It strengthens both my relationship with God and with the friend that helps me. Also, there is story after story in the Bible about those who learned to cling to God… Joseph, Daniel, David, Esther, Ruth, Job, Moses, and of course the stories of Jesus and those that came to Him for help. These stories show me how God consistently helps those who ask Him for it. And as I read, my trust in Him grows and I’m ready to cling to Him all the more.
Ask God through pray for help for yourself and for others. Get encouragement to be persistent from the stories and promises of the Bible and from those who know and love God. And, thank and praise God for even the little blessings that He gives you. As you continue to make these things a part of your life, you will see that, hand-in-hand, walking together, you and Jesus are clinging to each other!!

May God bless your day, wonderfully, and smother you in His love!!! =)

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