effortlessly perfect

{September 5, 2012}  

Finding My Way Back To Myself

For most of my life, I’ve always been identified by my body. I silently struggled with eating disorders, but never said a word to anyone. As the years have gone on, the intensity has only heightened.

Everything about who I am has been measured by food scales, tape measures, weight loss meetings, extensive exercising and journalling. When that didn’t work, I resorted to ephedra, hydroxicut and other means of fast weight loss. I’ve worked out for many hours, for many days beyond 5 days a week. When I trained for karate, my heart soared with the spirit, a true passion for something deeper than myself. 

Yesterday in SAFE, we talked about the Pathological Critic, during my group session one of the members had commented about her own observation surrounding being overweight. She said she recognizes that she is a good person, is smart, but does need to lose some…

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